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About Castle Court Care Home

A full range of visiting and in house services are available together with the promotion of activities interests and outings for those who wish to participate.

Castle Court is registered with the Care Inspectorate Wales as a care home for those aged sixty and over. Our aim is to provide our residents with the level of assessed care and support suited to them as individuals and with which they feel comfortable.

For some this may be minimal, a warm and comfortable home, good food and company when desired, security and none of the worries, responsibilities and expense of home ownership. Thus often a heightened sense of confidence and independence is achieved promoting a renewed interest in people, events and companionship.

Others may require greater support, either initially or with the passage of time. This will be fully assessed with an individual care plan being regularly reviewed and implemented by our experienced trained care team.

Although Castle Court is not a nursing home and we have chosen not to be registered to provide care for those with advanced dementia or mental infirmities with the support of other care professionals and the agreement of next of kin it is the exception that other arrangements need ever be made.

For me perhaps the most satisfying comments are frequently repeated. A resident, newly arrived or well established will say to me “I really did not want to give up my home and I had serious reservations about a care home. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life and one of the very best.
I did the right thing for me and my family”.

Fortunately “this big decision does not have to be rushed. A short respite stay or something longer is always available giving the opportunity to get to know Castle Court without any obligations”. This way time is available to discuss matters fully with family, friends and Castle Court. We would be delighted to hear from you.